Get TONS of Highly Searched Long Tail Keywords Within Minutes Using This Powerful Tool!

Google Wants to Hide These Keywords From You!

Scrape Keyword Suggestions From:

  • Google
  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Yahoo
  • Bing
  • Alexa
  • Youtube
  • Yahoo! Shopping
  • Google News
  • Google Product Search
  • (Polish website added on request)

Also Get:

  • A software to quickly and easily find competition details of these keywords.
  • A unique video marketing software that drives insane traffic to your sites.
  • An exclusive software bonus to easily help you manage keyword/url/email lists.


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Hello there,

This is a custom software that extracts “hidden keywords” from Google, YouTube, eBay and Amazon among many other websites. Yes, you were told that Adwords Keyword Tool is the only keyword research tool you will ever need. But what if I told you that Google is blatantly lying to you!

Suppose you were looking for keywords in the “acne removal” niche. You put “acne treatment” in the google keyword tool, and you get 100 keyword ideas!

But wait, Google knows a lot more profitable, highly searched keywords!

That’s right, 10 keywords that are not even listed on the Adwords Keyword Tool! But that’s not all. Now, type in “acne treatment a”.

Voila! 10 more keywords closely related to your niche. These are the keywords that you can use directly in your ppc campaigns or pass on to your content writer to be sed in articles for SEO.

Now put “b” at the end of the keyword…

Put “c” at the end:

… and so on.

As you can see, Google’s been hiding over 260 keywords this way! And all these keywords are directly related to your main keyword and are highly searched (or Google would never have suggested them!).

Now Welcome – Keyword Fighter!

The software itself is very light. Within 5 minutes from now, you could have a list of over thousand keywords closely related to your niche.

To top that, the software also supports extraction from the following websites:

  • Google
  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Yahoo
  • Bing
  • Alexa
  • Youtube
  • Yahoo! Shopping
  • Google News
  • Google Product Search
  • (Polish website added on request)

More websites can be added on request.

So what can you do with these keywords?

  • Use the keywords directly in your pay-per-click campaigns.
  • Use the Youtube keywords in your video tags and watch your views skyrocket!
  • Use the amazon and eBay keywords to find hot products to promote.
  • Use the keywords to find low-competition, highly searched long tail keywords to be used for building pages that get INSTANT RANKINGS.
  • Use the Competition Fighter bonus software to find absolute goldmine keywords with many searches but low competition.
  • Use the Google Video Results Sniper software to identify keywords that have videos already ranking in SERPs and outrank them.

Seriously, I came up with the list above over the top of my head, and can think of at least a million ways this powerful software could be used towards my advantage!


You get:

  • Ability to request new features and request support anytime. What Keyword Fighter is today, is a result of helpful suggestions from the current customers.
  • Free updates for life time!
  • Three exclusive bonus softwares (made just for the customers of Keyword Fighter!). More details below.


Some of the Exclusive Features of Keyword Fighter

  • Multi level scraping – turn one keyword into 17,048 profitable keywords!
  • Scrape from more than one website at a time.
  • No other competitor supports the wide range of websites this software does..
  • Supports all google domains (, etc…)
  • Supports several google languages.
  • Backward search support with the unique “plus operator”.
  • Supports, and (more domains can be added on request).
  • Can be used as a long tail keyword generator for your blogs.

… and much more!


Others Are Paying Over $97 For eBay Scraping Alone!


And now to the bonuses…

Exclusive Software Bonus #1
Competition Fighter
“Quickly and Easily Find Exact Match, Broad Match, Allintitle and Inanchor Competition For Your Keywords!”

This software will allow you to find competition data for a list of keywords you provide. Just with the click of a button – you’ll have the number of competing websites for a list of keywords.

Competition Fighter allows the following kinds of searches:

  • keyword (Broad Match)
  • “keyword” (Exact Match)
  • allintitle:keyword (All In Title)
  • intitle:”keyword” inanchor:”keyword” (In Anchor)


Watch Competition Fighter in Action!


Exclusive Software Bonus #2
YouTube Fighter
“Convert YouTube Videos into INSTANT Money Makers Using This Powerful Software!”

This tool lets you pin point most profitable keywords for your YouTube campaigns. One nice keyword and you could drive tons of laser targeted traffic to your videos quickly and easily.

The software works on a simple logic. The following graphic should give you a better idea.

Here’s step by step how you could profit with this software:

  1. Scrape a list of youtube keywords for your niche using Keyword Fighter.
  2. Enter these keywords in Google Video Results Sniper and find what keywords have videos ranking on first page.
  3. Enter these keywords in Competition Fighter and get the competition data.
  4. Sort the keywords high to low for a competition criteria.
  5. Higher competition generally means more searches per month and thus more traffic!
  6. Go through this list of keywords and find a suitable video on first page you could outrank.
  7. Create and upload a video optimized for this particular keyword.
  8. Do some off-site seo if necessary.

That’s it. Sit back and watch the traffic and profits roll your way.


Exclusive Software Bonus #3
Easy List Manipulator
“Easily manage your keywords/url/email lists – remove duplicates, sort lists, filter lists and more with the click of few mouse buttons!”

Easy List Manipulator is a software that will allow you to quickly operate a number of operations on your lists. You can use this for your keyword lists, URL lists or email lists. Similar software retail for around $47 with less features! The great thing is, you can work on one or a million files at the same time.

Watch Easy List Manipulator in Action!

With Easy List Manipulator, carry out operations like:

  • Remove duplicates easily.
  • Sort lists quickly.
  • Add prefix or suffix to all list items.
  • Only select keywords containing/not containing specific keyword.
  • Only select keywords having more/less than x number of words.


Get In At The Current Price, NOW!!!


If you have gone through this page and still aren’t willing to click that yellow button above – you must be new to the whole internet marketing scene.
There is no other keyword research tool as robust as Keyword Fighter and the bonuses should make the whole deal a no-brainer for anyone.

Kind Regards,
Lokesh Sharma


PS: The price will be increasing soon as I gear myself up for the “guru style launch”.
PPS: Remember, you’re getting 3 unique and powerful softwares at the price of (less than) one. Not to mention a lifetime support.
PPPS: You can look at live reviews from past customers at the original wso-thread. This will be the last long tail keyword software you buy.